Monday, May 18, 2009

Southern Grill FREE

Grillin is reallyyy livin when you grow up in the deep south. My family had a "speshul" recipe for BBQ sauce...thanks to my father. I believe he departed planet
Earth with his famous recipe for sauce deep in his thoughts and soul. Thus, no family fortune to acquire after his departure Thanks, Daddy, for all the years of delicious BBQ, tho.

A good grill is absolutely necessary for the best flavor and taste when it comes to burning some meat. A dear friend emailed the info below about acquring a Southern Grill for FREE. I felt that it was the Christian thing to do to relay the information to Y'ALL .What are friends for anyway? Now, get to grilling.

every Southerner knows, come spring it will be time to get ready for that all-important cooking technique of the south --- outdoor grilling!
I have just found out there are many stores (not just in the South) where you can get a FREE Bar-B-Q grill! In these tough times free useful items are very welcome. You can get a free BBQ grill from any of the following stores:

Food Lion
Home Depot
Big Lots
Sam's Club
Trader Joe's

I, especially. like the higher rack -- which can be used for keeping things warm!
Just make sure to get a metal one... The plastic ones don't do as well.

Ya'll enjoy now!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Poop B Gone

The topic of this post all came about due to Miss Maggie. She is a beautiful Labrador. Yes, she is a rather large dog. Shhhhhh she thinks she is human. Keep it under your collar. Maggie 's mistress is a good friend of mine.Maggie and Jackie recently moved from an ole historic home with a large backyard into a "garden home."These type dwellings are very popular in our region of the country. Well, to be truthful.,you pay an expensive price for a home on a postage stamp .. small..'s referred to as sizing-down.It is only natural that Maggie has to go outdoors to "do her business." Now, a lot of business can not happen with a large dog and a small yard without some scooping taking place or somebody is going to step in business every time someone goes into the back yard..even Maggie.Have you ever heard of a pooper scooper? I mean a person that is employed as a pooper scooper. Jackie and I were conversing by phone one evening and she told me that she had hired a guy to clean up Maggie's business. Now, I have heard people refer to their jobs as being sh......... but this guy literally has one.He comes once a week and scoops away, Maggie loves him because he leaves her a bone hanging on the gate. Cute..isn't it? Well, I assumed this was a guy who was probably needing the extra money to earn his way through college so he created this pooper scooper job. No, he is a retired gentleman and does it to supplement his income. He is actually employed by a national company. Being a curious creature, I decided to check the internet and sure enough Poop-B-Gone came up on the screen. So, if you need to scoop up some extra income and you're not too pooped out ..give them a call..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Xena warrior princess..the beautiful and velvety black cat.

Xena is the sister to Precious J. No, they don't always play well together. But, she is very devoted to me and remains by my side in the evenings while she tells me about her cat naps ...intelligence is heriditary in her feline family.

She, too. has had partial vision since birth and has never roamed outdoors. Yes, they were all "fixed" so we wouldn't have any tigers pawing at the doors and windows.

Xena is in an extra Kategory and the most loving of "my babies."
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Wednesday June 28, 2006 - 04:06pm

XENA is twelve-years-old now and still the sweetest cat to love and love you in return.Her beautiful silky solid black fur shinrs in the dark I'm sure she's of royalty. lol Talks to me all the time. What would I do without my Zeen Zeen?

Precious Mama Kat

Precious....Mama Kat... is still caring for her little ones. I wonder..does she know they are her babies?

She is almost twelve years young and still pretty kittrrific for a kute kitty her age.

Four-legged animals behavior is as intriguing as two-legged animals.

Precious and Precious J. will often groom each other and cat nap together. Xena is more of a loner or desires my companionship. Each one has her own kattriffic personality,though

Wednesday June 28, 2006

Precious....Mama Kat... is still caring for her little ones. I wonder..does she know they are her babies?

She is almost twelve years young and still pretty kitrrific for a kute kitty her age.

Four-legged animals behavior is as intriguing as two-legged animals.

Precious and Precious J. will often groom each other and cat nap together. Xena is more of a loner or desires my companiomship. Each one has her own katriffic personality, though.
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Precious is fifteen-years-old now but still my Mama Kat with a kattitude. She's a big baby but luvssssss to sit in my lap and get her cute ears rubbed. She has me well-trained.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Precious J

Precious J..or P.J. one persistent cat. She is going to have her way or you better get out of the way.

She loves to talk and demands attention all the time. But, who can resist a sweet kitty like Preciosu J. She has had partial vision since she was born. I have never let her roam outdoors but she gets around well in the house.

Precious J. is more than ...jubilant in spite of being partially blind.

June 26, 2006

Precious J became ill late on a Sunday evening but seemed to improve later during the night.I carried her to the vet early on Monday morning. Doc did emergency surgery bue Preciosu J went home with the angels. She had pancreatic cancer but had not shown any indicaion of even being ill.Her sad day was February 18 ,2008 We miss you.

The Furry Family

Precious..better known as Mama a sweet kitty but she often demonstrates a Kattitude.

These are pics of her, Precious J and Xena when they were kittens.

A friend found Mama Kat outside the entrance to Springville Library about twelve years ago. She's been an "open book of love" since she became a furry friend of the family.

Wednesday June 28, 2006

Sweet Son

We can trust that every word an angel speaks to our heart is right and suitable to our needs.

I am well aware that my angel has spoken to me and given me strength to provde the care necessary for my sweet Fayesy and Son during the last months.

Last week was the first week in months that Son didn't have to go to his least favoirte place.....the dreaded doc in a Bless his heart, yesterday he had to have surgery to remove a tumor from behind his left ear. Hopefully, he will get to come home today.

He is truly a strong sweet little baby

Friday June 23, 2006 -

Sadly,I had to let Son go home with the angels on December 18, 2007. He had cancer in his right ear and had suffered greatly for several months. He had allergies very badly.It was very heartbreakng to say, "See you in time, Son" but it was for his well-being. Son was my baby. We miss you.

Sweet Son

Son was a sweetie..

Everyone at the new vet's office commented on how well-behaved he was during the entire visit. ....except when it came to swallowing a pill. NOT

He recovered from the surgery nicely but seems to be having some discomfort.

Guess he will expect ham and chicken now. Hope he doesn't want them grilled. Too hot for grilling.

Proud of you, Son.

Wednesday 21, 2006

Fayesy-My Devoted Friend

My Sweet Friend

In memory of my sweet friend, Fayesy. She was devoted to me throughout our sixteen year friendship. Her kindness and love shown towards anyone that met her was never forgotten. Her pretty big brown eyes always seemed sad but her heart was full of joy.

I've been the proud owner of many dogs but Fayesy was the sweetest animal that I ever had as a friend. I brought her home one cold November day as she stood outside the school door where I was teaching. One ear turned up and the other turned down. Her cute ears stayed that way all her life. She brought warnth into my life that will glow forever.

The angels took Fayesy home on May 21, 2006 . She still remained gentle and kind during her illness with heart problems. I stayed close to her side for months.

I miss you, Fayesy. Mama will be with you in time. Son, Precious, Precious J and Xena miss you, too. We will always love you.

Wednesday June 21,2006